About Rapid Prototype Services, LLC

Company History

Ken Brace

Ken Brace established Rapid Prototype Services, LLC in 2004 using FDM technology with the goal of helping address manufacturing issues with 3D printing capabilities. A UCF Mechanical Engineering graduate, Ken Brace has 20 years of experience including running a precision sheet metal factory.

“My father and I owned and operated a precision sheet metal company from 1984-2001, employing 60 people with 35,000 square feet of shop floor space. I started Rapid Prototyping Services using FDM technology because I felt the plastic models this process creates were far superior in strength and flexibility to the other processes on the market.”

Today, Rapid Prototype Services continues to deliver affordable, high-quality 3D prototypes with an incredibly fast turnaround.

Our 24-Hour Rapid Turnaround Process

How We Deliver the Best 3D Printer Services
One of the top advantages of rapid prototyping is the speed to which we can bring your CAD ideas to life. From requesting a quote on our website to holding a 3D prototype in your hands, our streamlined process typically equates to a 24-hour turnaround.

  • Step 1: Request a quote with your CAD file
  • Step 2: Get a same-day rapid prototype 3D printing price estimate
  • Step 3: Upon receipt of your PO, we typically print and ship parts in 24 hours!

Our team is dedicated to outstanding customer service and ensuring your 3D printing service is produces high-quality parts, quickly and efficiently while meeting ASTM standards for 3D printing. Our efficiencies not only save you time but lower our overhead, too, and we pass those savings on to you.

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Philanthropy & Recognitions

Who We Are Is How We Give Back
We’ve donated 3D printers to Brevard County Schools and helped train teachers how to use each machine. This helped benefit the hands-on education of future engineers and students interested in bionics. Speaking of bionics, we’ve also donated two industrial 3D printers to Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit dedicated to empowering disabled children with personalized 3D-printed prosthetics.

If you’ve ever seen a video of Robert Downey Jr. delivering Iron Man bionic arms to children, those may have been printed on our machines! Our donation to Limbitless Solutions continues to help advance affordable, personalized bionics and prosthetic partial arms for children with disabilities. Lockheed Martin awarded our company with the HIGH FIVE AWARD for outstanding performance in the fabrication of 2000 3D printed drill plates and stated we’re a model supply chain partner.

What Our Customers Say

“Best 3d Printing Service I’ve ever had. You are in Good hands with Ken. Excellent all around. Thanks again!”

– Rodrigo Lima